IFC Stairwell Identification Signs

The International Fire Code is a set of universal regulations that establish some basic guidelines for fire safety & prevention in buildings and facilities throughout the country. Building owners in large, or multi-storied buildings should be at least familiar with the IFC in order to keep their facilities in compliance. This is certainly true for required IFC stairwell identification signs which provide visitors and occupants with vital information about how to exit the building in case of emergency. Accordingly, ensuring that stairwell identification signs are up to code is an important aspect of fire safety.

One way to make sure your building is in compliance with fire code is through an inspection by a qualified official. These kind of inspections can save building owners a lot of trouble considering failure to comply with relevant fire safety code can result in big fines and other punitive measures. However, one small obstacle for this process is that sometimes these codes and regulations can be convoluted and hard to follow. For Stairwell Identification , specifically, there are several important factors that go into making sure sign is up to code.

Ensure Your Stairwell Identification Signs are Current

Such stairway identification signs, known as International Fire Code (IFC 1022.9) signs, have the tactile text and grade 2 braille as required by law. Notably, the signs also meet the more stringent requirements of the state of California. In regulatory terms, they also comply with the layout per code 2012 IFC 1022.9 and CBC Title 24 Code 1022.9. These signs chief function are to provide exit information to those using the stairwell in case of emergency. More specifically, these signs are required to display whether or not there is roof access, each floor level, floors served and the location of the nearest exit. Below you can see a diagram of a typical IFC Stairwell Identification Sign:

IFC Stairwell Identification Sign

Maximize Safety for Occupants with International Fire Code Signs

So be sure to verify that your building’s IFC stairwell identification signs, as well as other ADA signage and braille signage are up-to-date with the latest codes and regulations. This is especially important for International Fire Code (IFC 1022.9) signs, which building occupants depend on to exit a building safely and efficiently in the event of an emergency.

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