Handicap Parking Permits/Placards

Handicap Parking Permits are accessible to those with Disabilities

For those with disabilities, who would like to obtain handicap parking permits, it is sometimes very difficult to find reliable information online. There are many online forums or internet blogs that may feature incorrect information about the actual guidelines for handicap and disable parking permit requirements. For example, there are many conditions eligible for designated handicap parking permits. Although, the typical handicap sign features an individual in a wheelchair; there are many types of disabilities that require the use of handicap parking.

Besides the use of a wheelchair, the variety of reasons you can apply for a disabled parking permit includes ailments such as lung and heart disease or diabetes. The loss of a limb is also a common disability that qualifies. It isHandicap Parking Permit important to remember that each the regulations vary between each state so for specific information you can to the guidelines outlined by your local government.

Consult with a Medical Professional to obtain a Permit

Individuals may also apply for temporary disabled parking placards if they are unable to move around without the support of an assertive device. Such devices include canes, walkers and even oxygen tanks can qualify for temporary disabled placard. Be sure to consult with a physician, registered nurse, or some other medical professional to certify your disability so that you can obtain a handicap parking permit. Before applying for one of these permits, you must have written confirmation from a medical professional verifying that you do in fact have a disability or qualifying medical condition.

To apply for an official handicap parking permit, you must contact your local or state DMV office. Though they are similar across the nation, each state has its own criteria for qualifying for a handicap parking permit and its own paperwork and forms to be completed.

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