Gender Neutral Restroom Signs

Information About ADA Gender Neutral Restroom Signs

Since Americans are changing their opinions on gender preference and identity, several cities around the United States are now requiring that public-building restrooms be marked as gender neutral with the appropriate signage. The sign must broadcast clearly that all genders may use these restrooms. While there are those owners and managers of commercial buildings that consider their unisex restroom signs adequate to address this issue, other ones desire to make a definite statement by posting gender neutral signs on their bathrooms even when their local laws have yet to demand it. The fact of the matter is that restrooms of a gender-neutral variety are becoming more common today in buildings open to the public, including a number of college campuses across Canada and the United States.

Currently, There Are No Standards for Pictograms on the Gender Neutral Restroom Signs

AGender Neutral Restroom Signs of yet, you may not need to adhere to certain pictogram standards for gender neutral restroom signs, however, provides a varied assortment of signs from which to make your selection. From time to time, a new version of symbols and pictograms will crop up for gender neutral restroom signs. At present, our company turns to three basic ones, namely, a pictogram that includes one woman and one man, a pictogram of one woman, one man and a figure that combines both, and a gender-neutral symbol.

The Types of Gender Neutral Restroom Signs That We Provide to Our Clients

Our entire line of signs for this category complies with ADA regulations. One style mounts on the wall and includes a pictogram of a woman and man standing side by side along with text that states the restroom is for everyone regardless of gender preference or identity. We also offer a different wall sign with a pictogram of a woman, a man and a mixture of both standing in a row along with the statement ‘GENDER NEUTRAL RESTROOM’. You may prefer our third model, though, since it contains a gender-neutral symbol along with text that states the restroom is open for all people no matter what their gender preference or identity is at present. All of the signs above include pictograms, Grade-2 Braille and 1/32-inch raised text. They also contain a matte-finished acrylic coating and eased corners.

As the demand increases for the gender-neutral bathrooms, additional local authorities and state governments will enact laws to require public buildings to display gender neutral restroom signs. While the local authorities may not require that you display these signs in your public building at present, they might soon. Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your signage needs in order to achieve compliance with your local laws on gender-neutral bathrooms. We guarantee quality service and signage with each order.



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