Protect your business from AB 1732 Lawsuits

ADA-Compliance AB 1372

Comply with AB 1732 to avoid penalties or lawsuits

The passage of California Assembly Bill AB 1732 requires that all single-occupancy restrooms in California businesses, government buildings and places of public accommodation be universally accessible to all genders by March 1, 2017. By this date, all single-user restrooms in California must not have gender-specific designations. This deadline is fast approaching, resulting in many businesses in California scrambling to find proper signage for their restrooms. Although the bill does not outline any specific penalties, failing to comply with the March 1st deadline makes business and organizations vulnerable to litigation.

Do Not Ignore the All Gender Restroom Bill

Regardless of the kind of business, if the toilet facilities are single-occupancy they will need proper ADA signage for All Gender Restrooms. Companies that receive a high amount of public traffic, such as medical offices, restaurants, retail shops are at massive risk for lawsuits if they fail to comply with the March 1st deadline set forth by California Assembly Bill 1732. Although recent measures have been put in place to limit profit from ADA compliance lawsuits, they still occur quite frequently. Some of these are frivolous, however many lawsuits are warranted in cases where companies fail to provide proper ADA access.

In order to comply with CA AB 1732 California businesses need to make sure their restrooms are ADA compliant and non-gender specific if necessary. After March 1st, 2017 these organizations can be sued or even fined by government entities for failing to comply. However you can protect your business or organization for a small fraction of the cost of litigation or penalties, by posting the proper ADA signs.

Have a plan to update your restroom facilities

For more information, you can refer to this Department of State Architect  bulletin which covers the finer details of the All Gender Restroom bill. Although meeting the deadline is the best way to protect your business, taking the steps necessary to meet ADA regulations as soon as possible is important as well. You can take the first steps towards avoiding AB 1732 penalties by ordering the required signs to update your facilities and have a plan in place for installation. Please, browse through our affiliate site for all the signs you require for your property to prevent ADA-compliant lawsuits against your company.


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